Certification Together

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Certification Together is an initiative created by and for the Industry, for all kinds of companies involved in airborne projects and facing certification challenges.

  • Training and Expert Consulting
  • Open and Collaborative Initiatives for the Industry
  • Training & Expert Consulting Offer

    Certification Together provides a structured offer to help companies achieve their certification objectives. This offer includes:

    • Training for all the certification domains: ARP 4754(-A), ARP 4761, DO-178B (C), DO-254, DO-160, DO-278,…
    • Expert Consulting :
      • Audits (Gap Analyses) to evaluate the situation of a project or process compared to the certification objectives, and to elaborate an action or recovery plan,
      • Expert support during the Gap Filling, plan writing, process improvements, and other project activities
      • Support for preparation of Certification audits,
      • Support for tool assessment and qualification activities.
    • Support to equipment manufacturers for monitoring their subcontractors, as well as supporting subcontractor process improvements to make them more autonomous regarding certification objectives
    • Technical expertise for analysis and/or assessment of emerging solutions, tool qualification aspects and packages, COTS and IP,...

    Creation, animation and management of collaborative initiatives:

    • User Groups, to exchange experiences and difficulties about new standards or updates of standards. The DO-254 User Group in both the US and Europe is a good example. We are considering equivalent groups related to the DO-178C, ARP 4754A, etc.

    • Seminars and Conferences : One key event is the Certification Together International Conference (CTIC), the only Systems, Software and Airborne Electronics Hardware Certification conference in Europe. Learn more about this conference.

    The Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster, with headquarters located in Toulouse (France), has selected Certification Together as their international Center of Expertise for Certification resource. It confirms that our joint initiative is providing benefits for the entire Industry community.