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Because Training is one of the first steps...

Our Training sessions are developed to help you understand the standards, objectives and requirements for certification.

Understanding the means of compliance to regulatory documents, and additional documents of the certification baseline, can be the difference between passing and failing your audits. It can also dramatically affect the cost associated with compliance. Thus, getting proper training from those who know the industry challenges, prior to embarking on an Aeronautical project, is important to achieve successful FAA, EASA, CAAC, TCCA,... approval and to minimize costs.

As part of these courses, students will be provided with information related to current FAA and EASA guidance on the application of certification requirements in airborne systems.

Trainers are internationally recognized experts, providing training but also expertise and support on projects with many customers in various contexts. Some of the experts of the Certification Together network are FAA or CAAC DERs.

Next Sessions

Visit the Seminars and Events page to find about upcoming sessions in Europe and the US.

Contact us if you want to arrange a session at your facilities.

Who should attend ?

Our training courses are designed for project managers, process managers, design, verification, and quality assurance engineers and their managers who are or will be working on projects requiring certification.

Typical Agenda

Agendas depend on the training perimeter: we do not address Airworthiness sessions the same way as DO178B/DO254 sessions.

But our training agendas always integrate the same concepts :

  • Introduction of the relations with the higher levels ,
  • Positioning of the training perimeter in the global Certification picture
  • Training concepts presented and discussed based on a real example
  • Combination of training and practical exercises : for example, how to read and use the standard document ?
  • Introduction of additional considerations, like Certification Review Items (CRI), Issue Papers (IP), Special Conditions (SC), Guidance released by Certification Authorities,...
  • General consensus and differences between Certification Authorities, if any
  • ...
  • For example, a DO178B or DO254 training session goes far beyond presentation and understanding of the Eurocae/RTCA document !


    Next Training Sessions

    Jun. 04-05, 2018: ARP 4761 Training in Toulouse (France)

    Jun. 27-28-29, 2018 : DO254 Training in Toulouse (France)

    Sept. 13-14, 2018 : ARP4754 Training in Toulouse (France)

    Oct. 09-10, 2018 : DO178 Training in Toulouse (France)

    Dec. 04-05-06, 2018 : DO254 Training in Toulouse (France)

    Visit the News & Events page to learn more.