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User Groups : Share efforts, learn from others

When standards, or new versions of existing standards, are being written, Committees (RTCA, Eurocae,...) allow to exchange about the acceptable way to address challenges and meet certification objectives for a given domain.

But once the documents are released, the Committee no longer exists and companies are faced with the challenges of applying a generic document on specific and concrete projects. Challenges are even bigger for companies which were not part of the Committee. Until now, these has been no formal way to exchange opinions about the additional documents and guidance released by the Certification Authorities about application of the new or updated standard.

That's why we decide to create the User Groups.

User Groups involve industry players in the field of Airborne projects.

  • Aerospace companies,
  • Certification Experts and Trainers,
  • Tool vendors,
  • Component Manufacturers,
  • Subcontractors...
  • We want to improve the applicants knowledge level and support the challenges of both EASA / FAA certification. A new standard can introduce a lot of confusion, uncertainty and misunderstanding. We want to facilitate and understand the value and share lessons learned.We know that the requirements between programs can be radically different. We understand that every Project, every DER, every audit has a different story!

    One very successful first experience : the DO254 User Group

    The first User Group was created in 2004 to address DO254 aspects. The current status is a unique collaboration between companies acting in 2 subgroups : the original one in Europe (visit www.do254.com to learn more) and one in the US (visit www.do-254.us to learn more). Each subgroup is composed of about 20 major companies, and we have around 4 meetings per year with an average of 30 attendees per meeting. Each group defines its roadmap, and because the challenges in the US and FAA context may differ from challenges in the European and EASA context, roadmaps are shared and activities are synchronized when necessary between EU and US groups.

    This DO254 User Group is a great success, and has been recognized internationally as a model to use when new standards are released. There is no fee to join, and each member benefits come from the quality of the exchanges among a large number of stakeholders. There is no comparison with small groups for which the first step to join is to pay a fee...

    Future User Groups : DO178C and ARP4754A

    Based on the success of the DO254 group, we are currently preparing the DO178C and ARP4754A User Groups !

    If you wish to join, please read the general considerations below and then contact us.

    General considerations for candidates

    Meetings are mainly technical, and not marketing or sales events.

    The highest priority is given to industrial companies (equipment suppliers or A/C manufacturers). Other contributors such as tool vendors and IP providers,… can be concerned but it is usually more effective for them and for the Group to invite them for specific topics, after preliminary discussion with these contributors,

    Companies should send some preliminary information about :

  • Their company and representative, especially concerning their experience in the domain addressed by the User Group.
  • How they can contribute
  • What they expect from the group
  • The group needs to be of a representative but reasonable size, allowing discussions to quickly reach an optimum level of maturity. Thus, highest priority is given to participants who have :

  • Experience on several DAL A projects, and perspectives of future projects at the same level
  • Experience of certification audits, and of several certification contexts like EASA/FAA,…
  • Technical capabilities for the topics and contexts addressed by the group
  • In addition the company needs:

  • To allocate time for 3-4 meetings per year, in Europe and/or in the US
  • To allocate time for subgroup discussions, through meetings and phone calls,
  • To allocate time for the review of papers, presentations, etc.
  • Companies who wish to simply obtain answers to the problems they may encounter, without the level of contribution required by User Groups, should consider training or consulting activities.


    Next UG Meetings

    DO254 EU User Group meeting : February 27, 2015 - Toulouse, France