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The Certification Together network of experts...

Experts bring their experience of the Certification context, and can support you for needs from the aircraft level down to the PLD and/or Software levels. Joining forces gives us the opportunity to provide you with the best answer, whatever your certification challenges may be. Tell us more about your needs.

Aeroconseil, an AKKA Technologies Group subsidiary, has 26 years of experience in Design and V&V of aircraft systems, for the benefit of Airbus' Design Office in France and Europe. Aeroconseil has experts involved in ARP4754 (aircraft and complex systems), ARP4761 (safety), DO178B (Software), DO254 (Hardware) and DO160 (Environment) aspects of certification, and also has DOA/POA (Part 21 J and G) approvals. This combination of Technical and Certification oriented expertise ensures a practical approach and makes Aeroconseil a unique partner selected by all the major Aerospace companies and their subcontractors. Aeroconseil chairs the Certification Together initiative, and the European DO254 User Group.

Apsys is an EADS subsidiary. Apsys has helped ensure the safety of embedded systems, software and complex digital hardware for a number of aircraft and systems of the EADS group and its partners. Over 150 specialized engineers located in France, England and Germany can assist your designers in meeting your project requirements. Apsys also brings its expertise about Security aspects.

ACG Solutions is an independent engineering consulting company founded by Frederic Pothon. ACG Solutions provides resources of experts on software aspects of certification, including training, audits, process improvement activities, and services about Tool Qualification. Frederic Pothon chairs the "Tool Qualification" subgroup of the ED12C/DO178C committee (WG71).

Capgemini employs 90,000 people worldwide. Within this Group, the Space, Navigation and Defence competence center is involved in the development of large systems with customers like CNES, EADS, ESA, Thales, DGA, DGAC, Eurocontrol,... With 30 years of industry experience and 4,000 aerospace and defense specialists worldwide, Capgemini offers a complete set of solutions to help you succeed in this rapidly evolving sector. In Certification Together Capgemini provides expertise for CNS/ATM aspects, and mainly ground systems and software : Consulting and training for emerging standards (ED109, ED153,...), process improvements,...

Patmos Engineering Services is an independent engineering consulting company founded and incorporated by Jeff Reeve and Tammy Reeve in January 2000. Patmos offers a unique skillset for digital design (FPGA, ASIC, board level) as well as FAA DER review and approval authority for programmable devices and software. Specifically, Patmos offers: Turnkey digital design services, FPGA/ASIC/Board design and verification for all industries, Airborne software and electronic hardware compliance support, DO-254/DO-178C and Certification Overview training, DO254/DO-178C program auditing In the aerospace domain, the Patmos team supports both commercial and military avionics design and certification programs and is DDTC registered with the United States Department of State Bureau of Military affairs. Outside of the aerospace domain, Patmos has developed a diversity of designs for fields including medical, commercial, and consumer products. The Patmos team has a combined experience in digital hardware design and certification of over 40 years.

If you are looking for products to help with your DO-254 and/or DO-178C program, you’ve come to the right place. Airworthiness Certification Services offers templates to jumpstart your project and tools to guide you through it step-by-step. Airworthiness Certification Services is an independent women owned business founded in January 2017. While independent from the engineering services company (Patmos Engineering Services), Airworthiness Certification Services leverages the 50+ years’ experience of its founders in the areas of hardware/software development and hardware/software certification processes to offer proven, industry leading templates and tools. .