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Expertise & Support : How can we help you ?

Our expertise comes from collaborations and experiences with many stakeholders in the Aeronautical domain.

Our added value comes from the unique combination of expertise from several companies and individual experts, provided through the Certification Together international network. It gives us the unique capability to address a wide scope from very specific needs to a large work package about certification aspects of a program.

We can address all the steps and all the levels, from the most conceptual to the most practical one, from the high-level management aspects to concrete design and verification challenges on specific project.

We can support you for:

  • Training (Airworthiness, ARP4754, ARP4761, DO178B, DO254,...)
  • Gap Analysis
  • Expertise and Assistance for Projects,
  • Process improvements,
  • Audits preparation and simulation,
  • Tools assessment and Qualification aspects,
  • Subcontractors evaluation and capability improvement.
  • Our objectives are to provide you with directly applicable recommendations and action plans in order to help you face any challenges you may have regarding airborne electronics certification aspects.


    Visit the Training webpage to learn more about public sessions. Private sessions can also be organized at your facilities, on demand.

    Gap Analysis

    A Gap Analysis is a pragmatic approach to evaluate the situation of a project, or industrial process, compared to the certification objectives. For a project, the goal is to identify the potential risk of findings and to plan the actions necessary to pass the audits. For a company, the goal is to prepare organization of process improvement activities.

    The activities are performed through an on-site audit, through an interactive process analysis, and a technical sampling (vertical sampling and horizontal sampling) of project documents and data.

    The activities also take into account the project milestones, in order to provide a concrete and effective support for preparing SOI reviews and other milestones. Priorities between identified actions are discussed in order to pass these milestones, or at least avoid major issues.

    The analysis will determine which tasks have to be performed to ensure compliance with defined objectives : Certification, Aircraft manufacturer requirements...

    Expertise and assistance for projects

    We can support you at any step of an on-going project, to review Plans, documents, Design and V&V phases, configuration management activities,... This support can be performed by providing experts for targeted activities, or by integrating engineers into technical teams as additional resources.

    Process improvements

    Expert analysis can highlight the need to improve some parts of your process : Requirements capture, Validation, Configuration Management,...

    We can provide engineers who know the best practices in each domain, in order to support you for the implementation of these best practices in your own context, taking into account your specificities.

    Audits preparation and simulation

    One big risk in an airborne project is to fail an audit, which occurs most often due to a lack of preparation effort. If there are some weak points in your project or processes, it is much better to identify them before the audit and put in place the associated corrective actions.

    This approach also offers the huge benefit of training your Certification officers and your project teams concerning audit challenges.

    Our experts are familiar with audits and with all the requirements and practices of the Certification Authorities. In a FAA (US) or CAAC (China) context we can involve consultant DERs.

    Tool Assessment and Qualification

    Using tools in a DO178B or DO254 process needs a specific analysis of the tool usage and associated activities. This can lead to decisions about tool qualification, which corresponds to a specific set of documents and activities.

    Erroneous decisions or underestimations can dramatically impact your project costs and schedule !

    We can support you for this tool-oriented analysis: Is qualification needed ? If so, what needs to be performed and what will be the benefits ?...

    Subcontractors evaluation, support, monitoring

    Many companies are mature and structured in terms of Process Assurance and other topics, but don't have time to train and support their subcontractors. Monitoring of outsourced activities is also time consuming, which means that priority is often allocated to monitoring internal activities.

    We can support you by offering to evaluate your subcontractors, train them, review the documents submitted, perform audits during projects,... in a very flexible way, at fixed price.